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    Printing to one page (2003 SP2)

    Somewhat of a simple question but I can't figure it out. On the attached spreadsheet, I'd like the highlighted (Print Area) to print Portrait with columns AH to AP on top and AQ to AY on the bottom, basically all of it on one page but not squeezed together on the top. I've already tried playing with all the Page Setup settings such as Sheet/Page Order and the Printer settings for print two pages to a page etc and nothing is working. If someone has a quick answer, it would be extremely appreciated!

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    Re: Printing to one page (2003 SP2)

    There is no "built-in" way in excel. As described at ExcelTips: Multiple Print Areas on a Single Printed Page there are some workarounds:
    Some printers have this capability as described at
    Another option is to recreate the page in the format desired.with the second series below the first
    Another option is to use the camera tool to take pictures of the various regions and place them in a new sheet


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