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    Transfer Data from Excel (Office 2007)

    I've posted this on the Excel forum as well (just in case).

    Is there any way to get a block of cells from Excel into an Outlook Mail Item using VBA
    as a copy and paste exercise without trying to use for example sendkeys.

    I can do the exercise using VBA by reading the relevant cells and writing them
    into the Outlook body text area using a loop against the range,
    but what I would like to do is either
    a. Transfer them as a block (either HTML or Image)
    OR as a word style table.
    Can't figure if this is even possible, but it is as a manual exercise.
    I can do it in Word no problem by creating a table and then poulating it, but in Outlook ????

    Anyone done this?

    Andrew Walker

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    Re: Transfer Data from Excel (Office 2007)

    As noted, this has also been posted in the Excel forum. Please post all replies in the thread starting at <post:=665,304>post 665,304</post:> to avoid duplication and confusion. This thread has been locked.

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