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    A combo box on a subform depending on a value (2002)

    Let's say I have two leagues, the National and the American. Each league has teams. The main form has the names of the leagues. If I select National in the form, is it possible to create a combo box in the subform that will only show the National League teams. When I select American, it will only show the American League teams. The combo box I have created shows all the teams for both leagues, however, I don't want to mix the teams and the leagues. It's funny, but the record selector seems to know. Now to get that same information to the combo box.

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    Re: A combo box on a subform depending on a value (2002)

    See MSKB articles How to synchronize two combo boxes on a form in Access 2002 or in Access 2003 and ACC2000: How to Create Synchronized Combo Boxes. You'd need only minor adaptions for the fact that you have a main form / subform setup.

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