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    How Do I Lay This Out? (2003)

    I publish a quarterly 1,400 copy newsletter on 11x17 paper that is later folded to letter size. It works, but I have some complex layout needs that are driving me crazy.

    Typically the newsletter is only one sheet (four pages), but sometimes there are two sheets (eight pages). The first and last pages include both color and B&W (one side of one sheet). All else is B&W only. I use three master pages: 1) a front page master that includes the masthead, and some other stuff that is constant from issue to issue, 2) an even pages master that has page number etc. at the top, and 3) a similar odd pages master. The template for the newsletter is set up to print as a booklet.

    I'm able to put the newsletter together fine, but I run into problems at printing time and later. Here are some details:

    1) I make a separate document including only the color items from the first and last pages (pages 1 and 4 or 1 and 8). This is printed on an inkjet, later using a monochrome laser printer to print the B&W. I set the page up manually, and it's pretty straightforward, with no complications from page numbering, etc.

    2) I also break out the monochrome from the first and last pages, then print it on the sheets that have had the color applied. I make a separate document from it, and it's straightforward except that I have to manually fix the page number of the last page, and manually insert any "continued from page x" information that may have been on that page before it was separated from the others.

    3) Then I want a separate document for pages 2 and 3 (or 2 and 7), to print on my monochrome printer. This sheet is printed on the reverse of the color sheet after that sheet has had its monochrome content added in the second pass. This is a nightmare to create, because Publisher has a mind of its own about which page goes on the left side of the sheet, and which one goes on the left. (I want this as a separate document so I can avoid having to select "print current page" whenever I print it on its own; missing that step causes nightmares.)

    4) When I have a two-sheet newsletter, I'd like to have separate files for each side of the second sheet, again to avoid nightmares when printing.

    There's probably one good way to set this document up, but I don't know what it is. My needs/desires are:

    A) To have one document for the whole newsletter, to take care of pagination and text box flows.

    [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] To be able to separate out individual sides of 11x17 sheets, so they can be printed efficiently on either printer without the danger of nightmares if I fail to check "print current page."
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    Re: How Do I Lay This Out? (2003)

    Why don't you print everything on the inkjet printer?

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