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    Delete key not working

    A co-worker has this problem on a Windows 98 machine: In Word 2000, if you select a word and then hit delete, nothing happens. If you hit backspace, nothing happens. But if you hit backspace again, then the highlighted word will delete. If you don't highlight a word first, the delete key works normally to delete one character at a time.

    The same behavior occurs with the DEL key and the ./DEL key on the numeric keypad (with NUM LOCK off); therefore it's not a keyboard problem.

    This does not occur in any other program on that machine.

    We tried a complete re-install of Office 2000, and the problem remains.

    Any one have any thoughts on this? Thanks.

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    Re: Delete key not working

    Hi dsurkin:

    Go to Help/Word Perfect Help.../Options/& untick the top two boxes.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Delete key not working

    Thank you, that worked!


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