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    Abolish firewall (home premium)

    I have a new laptop with vista preinstalled. One of the many annoyances is that I have norton internet security, so want to turn the windows firewall off. Despite having set that option in the windows firewall options, however, it seems to want to reactivate each time - at least NIS keeps telling me so. I thus get two user account control messages each time I log on - one for windows firewall and one for NIS. How can I stop this happening?

    I gleaned from some posts the idea of running explorer as administrator to actually manage to manipulate files in system folders. Is there any resource which gives one the lowdown on how to control one's computer as one used to be able to in XP, without being thwarted at every turn by an uppity OS?


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    Re: Abolish firewall (home premium)

    If you have the version of NIS for Vista it should properly interact with the Vsta firewall and turn it off. You should not have to manually do anything. If you don't think that the Vista firewall is being disabled then it is probably a Symantec problem.


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