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    Excel (97)

    I am trying to find out how to modify the size of check boxes made using 'forms'. Also how to get the checkboxes to print in 3D shading. Everytime they print out with a single line.
    I would also like to know why when I create the checkboxes using the 'control toolbar' and save the file to disk I cannot open the file up on a computer with Excel 2000.

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    Re: Excel (97)

    1) The size of the check box (and radio button) are fixed only the text itself changes with the font size. Is that what you mean? Of course you can resize the box around the checkbox/radio button but the size of the actual checkbox or circle (radio button) is constant (although screen resolution probably matters too but generally that's not really a changeable item).

    2) 3D shading is part of the checkbox attribute in the properties. Right-click on the checkbox and select Properties. Set Shadow = True.

    3) I have no idea. I have a project that has lots of ActiveX controls and it works fine in xl97 and xl2000. Is this a new problem? Did it used to work but not now?

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    Re: Excel (97)

    Thank you for your assistance. That stinks that the actual checkbox is constant.
    Also I have checked the 3D shading checkbox attribute and it shows up as 3D on the screen but not in print preview.
    I am not sure whether it worked at one time or not because as I was creating it I was bringing it home in the early stages. But I think at the time I placed the controls in there I did not work after that. That was also at the same time I upgraded to Office 2000.

    Thank you again.

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