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    Annoyance when exiting split document window (Word 10/11)

    Here's my scenario, which I've encountered in fully SP'd and patched versions of both Word 10 and 11:

    I've opened a view into two different areas of a single Word document using Window>Split. As I work, I switch the focus from window to window. Then, when I'm done with the split window, I use Window>Remove Split. Word then closes the window into the area of the document where I've last been working, rather than the inactive window. So I have to Shift-F5 to go back to the last editing point where I was working before removing the split. Or before I remove the split, I have to change the focus to the window into the part of the document where I don't want to end up.

    Word's behavior when removing the split seems counterintuitive, though I am getting habituated to working around it. But maybe I'm missing something that would explain that this is by logical design.

    Or is there a real fix for this behavior?

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    Re: Annoyance when exiting split document window (Word 10/11)

    You could copy the following macro into a module in your, and assign it to a toolbar button to "unsplit" the window, leaving the active pane open:

    Sub UnSplit()
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 1 To ActiveWindow.Panes.Count
    If Not ActiveWindow.Panes(i) Is ActiveWindow.ActivePane Then
    Exit Sub
    End If
    Next i
    End Sub

    Note: I haven't tested the macro under all circumstances.

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