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    Using a Pivot Table to analyze my wireless bill (2002 (10.3207.2625))

    I've tried to understand pivot tables in the past - several times. But I've never had to use one, so I've never had meaningful data for one. That's a big factor, because for me unless the data is mine and I understand and comprehend it, I'm lost. Just like with Access - I can't create a 'test' database; I have to use data that is meaningful to me or else it's a waste of time and effort.
    Anyway, my teenage daughter was texting a lot so I sprang for the texting package - unlimited text messages in-network and a limit of 500 outside the network per month. Only the sales rep was so busy talking about the wonderful unlimited aspect of the plan that they gave the limited part of it short shrift. Too bad for me. Because all of us assumed that she had completely unlimited texting for only $10 per month. (Ah, if I could only blame it on the folly of youth.)
    Well, (don't worry - the story is going somewhere ... but you know me by now) this most recent bill showed my daughter in arrears for $30 worth of text messages - 300 over the limit for out-of-network. That's 800 text messages out-of-network, in addition to 459 in-network ... in one month ! But she's 14, so it's not such a big shock. Well, I didn't appreciate that the statement lumped together all her out-of-network messages (text as well as picture) in one big total, when all their in-network information is broken down very nicely for me. Because it makes it look on the surface like she's been sending unbelieable numbers of photos with her phone, but she hasn't. So I took advantage of the "download data to .csv file" option on their website to download all her text message data to a spreadsheet so I could see what the pattern was - where all the out-of-network messages were going to and coming from. And I finally saw a reason why I would want to know how to use a Pivot Table. There are columns for Date, Time, To, From, Sent or Received, In or Out of network, and Amount. But of course now comes the realization that I still don't know how. Never fear, says I - there's the Lounge!
    So, my fine friends - can anyone recommend an easy-to-understand Pivot Table tutorial (we're talking dumbed down so a rock could understand it) - preferably online. I'm currently unemployed, and as much as I'd love to buy another book (yet another computer book that will solve all my problems, but which I never get around to reading) I'm trying to save a few bucks right about now - so something online, if possible, would be ideal.

    Thanks, as always!
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    Re: Using a Pivot Table to analyze my wireless bill (2002 (10.3207.2625))

    See the links in <post:=557,180>post 557,180</post:>.

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