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    Signing with SELFCERT (2003)

    I have used SELFCERT successfully under WinXP to sign my Access 2003 files. Have been unable to run SELFCERT.EXE under Windows Vista to create the signatures. I had tried running as a standard user and Run as Administrator, both with the same results. Instead of displaying the dialog box to enter the certificate name, SELFCERT simply vanishes without a trace.

    How can I create digital signatures to sign my Access files?

    (Sorry if this is the wrong forum -- I debated whether it should go here or Vista.)
    Jack MacDonald
    Vancouver, Canada

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    Re: Signing with SELFCERT (2003)

    I cannot find anything about problems with SelfCert under Windows Vista, sorry. If there are no other replies soon, I'll move this thread to the Windows Vista forum, perhaps somebody will have a suggestion there.

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