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    Report and Query (2000)

    Good morning,

    i have a report that is based upon a query.

    The query has the following values:

    DateOrdered - Date field
    DateEPC - date field
    DateRec - date field
    Web - Yes/No field
    Sales - Yes/No field
    RM - Yes/no field

    The report is on a tool bar to open. I want to be able to only display the items in the query/report that do not have an entry in all the field specified above. Even if one does not have a entry I want it to be displayed.

    How would I achieve this?
    Best Regards,


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    Re: Report and Query (2000)

    Yes/No fields always have a value - either Yes or No. They cannot be blank (null, empty). So I assume that you want to look for records with No in one of those fields.

    Set the criteria in the query as follows:
    - Enter Is Null in the DateOrdered column in the first criteria row.
    - Enter Is Null in the DateEPC column in the second criteria row.
    - Enter Is Null in the DateRec column in the third criteria row.
    - Enter No in the Web column in the fourth criteria row.
    - Enter No in the Sales column in the fifth criteria row.
    - Enter No in the RM column in the sixth criteria row.

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