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    Slows down reading large files (VB 6.0)

    Hi All,

    I have a program that does a number of things - one of them being processing a large file (csv flat file with 5m records - about 700 mb). On my machine it burns through this in about 50 minutes - 10 minutes per 1m records.

    However, on an identically spec'd machine, it gets progressively slower and slower. 10 minutes for the first 1m, 25 minutes for the next 1m and basically grinds to a halt at about 4.5m records (oh so close but no cigar).

    I've tried a number of things to get around this but nothing seems to work. I've tried:

    - writting 5 smaller output files instead of 1 big one
    - installing VB6 on the other machine
    - monitoring the progress every 10k records (each group slightly slower then the last group)

    So, here come the questions

    - why is this happening?
    - why is the performance different on (effectively) the same machine?
    - anyone got any suggests for a solution?


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    Re: Slows down reading large files (VB 6.0)

    Well, there's SOMETHING different about that machine. How much disk space do you have? How much free? Have you run a defrag on it lately?
    There's a lot of reasons why it would slow down, but it seems that it has to be an environment issue (well duh!).
    I had a similar problem, and it turned out to be low disk space, which caused pressure on the paging file.

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