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Thread: Default Printer

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    Default Printer

    When I change the default printer IE still tries to use the old one. (IE5.5 on NT4)

    I changed the Default printer yesterday (because the one I usually used has carked it) and today the new one is still set as default but IE was still set to print from the dead one. Now I have changed it in IE it is OK but why does IE not pick up the default? Is this a feature?[img]/w3timages/icons/tonguea.gif[/img]
    David Grugeon
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    Re: Default Printer

    Well, whether it's a feature is a matter of opinion. With Word, for example, changing the default printer only chooses what an application will choose if nothing else is selected. I suppose IE does the same thing. After all, it could be that you want certain applications to print with a non default printer.

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