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    Various currencies in same DB (Win XP Access 2003)

    I receive a Purchase Order with various line items. Each PO may be in, currently, one of two currencies. At some point it is expected that there will be more currencies.

    Each line item should be controlled in its currency different format for printing and in forms, different totals for statistics, different totals for A/R, and so on.

    The PO has a field that denotes the currency to be used.

    The mathematic is no problem A sum is a sum, and there are no requirements of converting from one currency to another.

    Any ideas to get me started?

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    Re: Various currencies in same DB (Win XP Access 2003)

    You could simply place the text box or combo box bound to the field that defines the currency in front of the text box with the amount.
    Or in a report, you can use the On Format event of the detail section to set the Format property of the amount text box to the appropriate format for the currency.

    What else did you want to know?

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