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    Klaus Salzer

    Numbered List Follies 3?

    Word 2000: I created a large Doc (280+ pagers) using the Master Doc method. All Filial docs use the same template with the same styles .. including styles for numbered (resp. lettered) lists.
    Instead of these lists starting with 1 (or a) after each interruption, they continue counting. On page 270 that comes to 586 (or ppp, resp.)
    Resetting them manually works fine, unless you close and open the doc: Bingo, high numbers again!
    Even trying to cheat by assigning outline level 5 to standard text, and levels 6 and 7 to numbered and lettered lists did not work.

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    Re: Numbered List Follies 3?

    I overcame this once by using SEQ (Insert/Field/Numbering/SEQ) This field has a reset switch.
    David Grugeon
    Brisbane Australia

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    Re: Numbered List Follies 3?

    Don't use the Master Document feature. Most experts generally agree that eventually it will lead to document corruption.

    Numbering has always been a problem in Word. You might check to see if your documents are set to "Update document styles" under Tools/Templates & Add-ins. If so, uncheck it. But I agree with David, SEQ fields will cause less problems.

    One thing you can do is record a macro of fixing the numbering & assigning it to a toolbar. Then you can change the numbering without as much trouble.

    Hope this helps.

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