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    Report with a Chart (2007)

    Trying to create a chart within a report that would add up the hours worked per project per quarter for 50 employees and 50 projects.
    This would be a multi-line chart with each line being a separate project, hours would be the y-axis and quarter would be the x-axis.
    For a single line there would be a data point at each quarter stating the hours worked on that particular project.
    How can this be accomplished with each employee having their own separate chart?

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    Re: Report with a Chart (2007)

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    The Record Source of the report should be a table, query or SQL string that lists the unique employees.
    Set the Row Source of the chart to a query (or SQL string) that sums the hours per project by quarter.
    Set the Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields properties of the chart to the field that identifies the employee (EmployeeID or some such).

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