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    Leaving a mark... (Ex2003)

    I've built a workbook with several sheets and macro's and all. I'm handing this over with unlocked VBA code (to allow for further developments); is there a way to leave my name somehow somewhere in the sheet or code in such a way that it cannot be removed but also in a way that doesn't interfere with normal operation...
    I though about a workbook with a (secret) password with author info but that's too visible again...

    I don't know what I really want but maybe there are some creative and out-of-the-box suggestions???


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    Re: Leaving a mark... (Ex2003)

    If you leave the VBA unprotected the next user can pretty much do anything, including removing whatever mark you left.

    You could put info in a sheet whose Visible property you set to xlSheetVeryHidden. Such a sheet is not listed in Format | Sheet | Unhide, so a standard user won't see it. But anyone who activates the Visual Basic Editor can see that the sheet exists, and reset the Visible property.
    You can put information in custom document properties (in File | Properties). But anyone can change these properties.

    I fear that your wishes are contradictory...

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