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    Outlook contact list (2003 SP 3)

    Am running Windows XP with Outlook 2003. Had to delete and re-install Office XP. Prior to doing this, I exported my pst file. After I re-imported the file, I noticed that I had 2 "contact" files in the drop-down menue at the address book icon. One of the files was empty, the second had all my contacts. The problem is that when I click on the address book icon, I get an error message that the address list associated with the contact cannot be opened. When I click "OK", the address book is opened and the word "contacts" is shown. If I click on this word, a drop-down menu appears with two address lists, both identified as "contacts" visible. if I choose the second one, all of my contacts are displayed and I can continue. However, it will not allow me to enter a new contact. Instead, I get an error message telling me to use the "contacts module" to enter a new contact. If I choose the first, the error message reappears.

    Any thoughts or solutions would be appreciated.



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    Re: Outlook contact list (2003 SP 3)

    If you still haven't solved this problem, write down your account settings, then create a new e-mail profile in the Mail control panel. You can use the same .pst file as before.

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