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    Patches necessary? (Office 2000 SBE)

    I have ~ 40 copies of MS Office 2000 SBE installed on mostly NT4 OS machines at work. 3 or 4 have been upgraded to Office 2000 Pro. All are properly purchased, licensed, and duly registered. I have been operating them for about 18 mos. and the separate applications are version (9.0.2720). I can attribute no problems to version/build faults. I have one copy of MS Office 2000 Premium SR-1 Patch that I ordered from "Mr. Bill's DreamWorld" a few months back, but not installed anywhere yet. I'm from the old school, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Can anyone tell me whether I should try to install this patch on all my machines, wait until I see problems, get the latest patch, or forget the whole thing and continue as now, "fat, dumb, and happy"? I subscribe to the same philosophy with my OS's. Some are service pack 4, up thru service pack 6a. Oh, by the way, only a few have access to the outside world, by design!

    Thanks in advance,
    Chuck Jones

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    Re: Patches necessary? (Office 2000 SBE)

    unless you need to correct the problems the patch fixes, i'd leave well enough alone.

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