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    Ad-Aware 2007 new version also Vista compatible

    Just in case any of you missed it, the latest version of Ad-Aware 2007 is Vista compatible (32bit). Also a new version ( has just been released.

    Ad-Aware gained Vista compatibility at the end of August with version but somehow I managed to miss that news, I was keeping an eye out but it must have been looking the wrong way <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Ad-Aware 2007 new version also Vista compatible

    On the subject of Ad-Aware 2007, but diverting the thread a bit, is anyone else seeing inconsistent download interface behavior? Yesterday when I installed the updates on my XP MCE, the update manager wouldn't unload the stub of itself I had minimized to the taskbar. That kind of behavior, along with
    (1) when you ask for an update check, the "Checking updates" box shows, but then simply disappears if there isn't any new updates, and
    (2) if you run a scan, the scan window automatically shows, but if you run an update, the update window doesn't display,
    continue to annoy me.
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    Re: Ad-Aware 2007 new version also Vista compatible

    Yes, I have noticed similar "oddities" in those mentioned areas.
    No clue as to WHY though.

    Just before logging on to the Lounge, I had tried to run the program to check what version I had presently installed.
    I got this Error message:
    System error 1810 has occurred. Description: Service is not on line. Application terminates.

    What ever that meant?
    When I log off here, I'll try again and if still happening, will DL and install the latest version to see if it's corrected.

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