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    Compare edits will not print inline (2007)

    I compared two documents. Under 'Balloons' I selected 'Show All Revisions Inline'. In Print Layout view and in Print Preview all changes, including deletions, were displayed as changes (i.e. additions in blue and underlined; deletions are in blue and strikout font).

    The problem occurs when I print it. The printed page properly shows the addtions in blue, but the deletions are placed in ballons off to the right. This causes the page to be scalled smaller for the ballons to fit; however the balloons are cut off at the margin and only half of the ballon is displayed.

    It is my understanding that if you have the 'Show All Revisions Inline' Balloon Option enabled that it will also print all revisions inline. It functions the same way printing to several different printer makes/models.

    Any help would be apprecaited!!
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    Re: Compare edits will not print inline (2007)

    Of course, the printout should look like the Preview. Is it possible that you have a custom print procedure (macro) that is switching this option? One quick diagnostic for customizations is to start Word in its default/factory/out-of-the-box mode, by using:

    Start > Run..., winword.exe /a

    Does it make any difference?

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