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    FrontPage Extensions Security (FrontPage 2002)

    Many news groups and list-servs seem to rather consistently bash FrontPage for security issues in the server extensions (that's been going on since FP95). However, it seems like Microsoft is getting better with security - at least as far at the FP extensions are concerned. Does anyone know of any security issues with the FP2002 extensions? I know the recent "Code Red" worm exploited some security holes with IIS - but that is not a fault of the FP extensions. What security issues do the FP extensions bring to the table?


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    Re: FrontPage Extensions Security (FrontPage 2002)

    As far as I understand, FP extensions can only function if :

    a. your ISP supports them ( free ISPs in the UK do not - don't know about other countries) and

    b. your system is acting as a web server.

    At least this is the case in FP 2000 - sorrry I haven't had FP2002 to investigate.

    Because of a. I've never managed to get working eg the in-built counter, hover button, banner ad manager or marqee.
    I should imagine it's b. where security holes could be exploited. As a server your system would have to allow in and out access by other applications. As long as you are warned (eg. by using a personal firewall) this should not pose too much of a problem. If it did, web servers would have been killed off long since by the unscrupulous. However, as ever, iotc.

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    Re: FrontPage Extensions Security (FrontPage 2002)

    This KB article details <A target="_blank" HREF=>FP2000: Features That Require FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions (Q232524)</A>

    I know that isn't FP 2002 - there doesn't seem to be much on FP 2002 in the Knowledge Base yet - maybe that is a good thing <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>.

    This article
    <A target="_blank" HREF= n_SRCH&SPR=FP2KSE>FP2002: FTP and Anonymous Access With the Server Extensions Installed(Q293512)</A> seems to be about it.

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