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    Dual boot problem (Home premium)

    I'm struggling to dual boot XP and Vista. I have successfully installed both, and used EasyBCD1.7 to add an entry to the Vista BCD (attached). During the boot process I am given the opportunity to boot to XP, but when I choose that option, the computer just reboots and takes me back to the choice screen. In the few milliseconds before the reboot, I discerned the error "Invalid boot.ini", so copied boot.ini to the root of my Vista partition, after which I could no longer see that message, but the computer still just reboots when I choose the XP option. The attachment also contains my boot.ini.

    I can boot into XP fine if I go into the Vista drive management console and set partition d: (where XP is installed) to active, so there isn't any problem with XP booting per se. I have managed to install both Vista and XP so that, from within each operating system, the active system root is C:, to avoid problems with programs having hard coded installation points, so within Vista, the Vista root is c:, and the winxp drive is d:, but within XP, the XP root is c:, and the Vista root is d:. This shouldn't cause problems as far as I'm concerned, as the XP boot.ini refers to the XP partition by sequential partition, not drive letter (and it's a shame that the BCD doesn't do the same).

    Any suggestions?


    PS. I have tried copying ntldr from the winxp root to the vista root as well, and it hasn't made any difference.
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