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    Runtime & Distribution (2007)

    I am looking at distributing a product that has been developed in Access 2000 and 2003 over the last couple of years.
    We have now upgraded to Office 2007 and as such now have the Access Runtime and Developer Extensions for free so I have compiled a runtime version for deployment accross various networks.

    Am I able to sell and distribute my product to anyone, who does not have any version of MSAccess at all, legally now that I have Office 2007?
    Also am I able to distribute the Runtime freely that I have downloaded from the MS website?

    I have read the licence agreement and I think that it all looks good however I though I would ask around just in case...

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    Re: Runtime & Distribution (2007)

    The Access 2007 Runtime is freely distributable to others; people can also download and install it themselves from Download details: Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime. They can then open your database.

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