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    Document management

    General Question.

    My company uses an older Sharepoint document management system for proposals, including central password protected document repository, the requirement to check out and back in documents to modify them, and "black box" retention of version history (i.e., not visible to users, only to Admin). I was explaining this service to someone with document management control problems (the swirling email document version control problem), and they wanted to know more. As a mere user I know nothing about what is under the hood, and have suggested they start at these links:

    but I'm looking for more very specific information and description of MS's document management services, enough that this layperson can go to her tech people and say "this is what I want". Can someone direct me? (I'm assuming they are on an MS Server, but presume they do not use Exchange, as they use Novell GroupWise message/PIM client.)
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    Re: Document management

    Depending on need, complexity, size, etc. Introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 - SharePoint Server - Microsoft Office Online may be worth looking at. It adds functionality beyond Windows Sharepoint Services.


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