This is another unusual problem. I have an Outlook VBA script that needs to copy an incoming message and send it back out. To make it work, I manually copy all the pertinent fields to a new mail message. I would like to simplify it.

I was trying to use the COPY method to make a copy of the message, modify the appropriate fields, then send it out. This should work, but whenever I run the macro, I get the error: "You do not have the permissions to send this message on behalf of the specified user." Error AF570005.

I know I don't have the permissions to send on behalf of someone else! I belive that the problem lies in the SENDERNAME property of the copied message. I can modify the Body, Subject, ReplyTo, CC and BCC fields all I want. But I can't change the SENDERNAME! Is there something in CDO that will help me get past this problem?