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    Excel and pdf file properties (Excel 2003)

    I need to keep track of a folder of pdf files in an Excel file. Rather than open each pdf file and then type in the proper text in the Excel file -- I'd like to type the text in the "properties" of the pdf file using the Description values on the Summary tab. I would right-click on the pdf file, type in the stuff i want to track on the Summary tab, and then I'd like to have a macro in Excel read these properties and fill in the Excel file automatically. Is that possible? Thank you for the help.

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    Re: Excel and pdf file properties (Excel 2003)

    Microsoft has a COM component that lets you edit document properties without actually opening the document. You can download it (for free) from The Dsofile.dll files lets you edit Office document properties when you do not have Office installed. Although primarily intended for use with MS Office documents, it can be used to read (and edit) the summary properties of other types of files too.

    The download comes with demos and sample code, study this carefully to see how to use it.

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