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    More Mobile Phone Listings (2003/SR2)

    More and more people that I know have more than 1 mobile phone. Outlook only has one listing for Mobile, (they do have Car but who has a car phone anymore?). I would like to add some additional listings, which I have done in User Defined Fields but how do I get them to show on the drop down list on the card where info is entered. It seems like you are restricted to what MS has put on the list. Is there a way to change that.? Thanks.

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    Re: More Mobile Phone Listings (2003/SR2)

    Alas, although you can customize the Contact form, according to Customizing Outlook Contact Forms:
    <hr>Things you cannot do with the Contact form:
    <UL><LI>Add address fields to the Business, Home, Other list or change the labels on the drop-down list for the built-in address fields
    <LI>Add telephone fields to the drop-down list of built-in phone fields or change the labels for the built-in fields
    <LI>Add more e-mail address fields[/list]...<hr>
    (Italics are mine) So it appears you're stuck.

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