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    New Word Bug? (Office 11/2003)

    Recently, I have experienced a Word bug that I can't find documented anywhere. In a nutshell, if you write VBA code (or type VBA commands in the Immediate pane) that tries to reference a template object that is not actually part of the Templates collection, VBA code throws a 5941 run-time error ("The requested member of the collection does not exist.") This is what one would expect. What ISN'T expected is that it causes the mouse to crap out in the current Word session. Specifically, I can't select text using the mouse, although I still can using the keyboard. Neither can I right-click in the text window, and I can't drag the scroll bars (although I can right-click on the scroll bars and choose to "Scroll here".) The mouse can still select menu items and toolbars, but nothing from the text area.

    I was first made aware of this by a user in France who was trying to run a command in one of my templates. Stepping through the code revealed that she was using an older version of the template, and the code attempted to reference a template that no longer exists in the company's current "image." I was able to duplicate this phenomenon on my workstation simply by opening the Immediate pane in the VB editor and typing the command "print Templates(n).FullName", where n is an index number greater than the actual number of available templates (i.e. greater than Templates.Count).

    It's also odd that this phenomenon doesn't seem to happen when I try to reference something that doesn't exist in other collections, for example the Documents or CustomProperties collections. It only happens with the Templates collection... at least, that's the only collection I've been able to get to duplicate the problem.

    Can other people duplicate this? I'm working in Windows XP with Office 2003 (Word version 11.0.8134.0, with the latest security patches and updates (to the best of my knowledge.) Do we indeed have a new Word bug?
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    Re: New Word Bug? (Office 11/2003)

    The same happens in Word 2002 SP3.

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