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    windows 2003 server res tool kit (current)

    I have been having multiple problems with win xp. For the last 2 mornings the system has been locked up. This morning after rebooting, I ran event viewer and caught a system error that occurred last night.

    The error writeup (attached as file) said run PMON.EXE which is part of win server 2003 resource kit. I downloaded the kit and installed with no problems but I am unsure what to do next - I haven't found any instructions.

    I am guessing that I should start pmon.exe and let it run until something happens, but then what? If the system locks up again - is there a way to view whatever pfmon grabs, or will pfmon intercept problem and throw up a screen?

    Since this is happening at night - I am guessing that either "Spyware Doctor" or "AVG" has a memory leak that is causing the problem.

    Any help will be appreciated

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    Re: windows 2003 server res tool kit (current)

    You mention both PMON (Performance Monitor) and PFMON (Page Fault Monitor). I can't see any documentation either - was there none indicated in the download area for the toolkit?

    Personally, what I would do would be to set up Task Manager with the Processes tab showing and drag the top line upwards so that all processes show. Sort by whatever you like (ascending alphabetic order on Process name, decreasing Memory usage, or whatever) and take a screen print, process it and save it somewhere. Do this every hour and see if the memory usage of any process is increasing.

    You could probably get better results from Performance Analyser (from Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Performance, or just Run Perfmon.msc /s), but you may need to be familiar with what to select, etc...
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