The Lounge has been back for over a month now, and in general, things are running smoothly. But there are still some problems.

As several of you have found out the hard way, it is currently not possible to upload a new user picture or signature graphic in your Edit Profile page. Our new server doesn't allow a file to be replaced with another file of the same name, and the name for user pictures and signature graphics is fixed.

We hope to fix this problem eventually, but in the meantime, you can send a request by e-mail to with the picture or graphic as an attachment. Claude will then upload the file directly to the server when he can find the time for it.

Also, lots of attachments to posts were lost when the old server crashed. We may be able to restore some, but not all. However, if you need a missing attachment, you can post a reply in the relevant thread (or in a new one, if that thread is locked), there's always a chance that a Lounger has saved a copy of the attachment and is willing to post it. <img src=/S/crossfingers.gif border=0 alt=crossfingers width=17 height=16>

We apologize for the inconvenience.