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    Powerpoint Package for CD and PP Viewer (Power Point 2003)

    I'm trying to create a take home CD for attendees of a seminar my company is holding. I've got the CD setup so that when it's first run, an HTML page comes up. From that HTML page attendees can click hyperlinks to access various .pdfs and presentation materials that were shown throughout the day at the seminar.

    I saved all the presentations as .pps so that they would launch automatically, and then it occurred to me that not everyone would have Power Point, so I attempted to re-save using the "Package to CD" feature, bundling the PPViewer in as well. It creates a whole subfolder containing a bunch of .txt and .dll files in the contents of what I'm going to burn to CD, which is fine.

    MY QUESTION (finally) IS: If, on the HTML "main page" I just want a hyperlink to run the presentation, which of the files in subfolder should I point my hyperlink to to make the presentation launch automatically and, preferably, flawlessly (without a bunch of message windows about running powerpoint viewer, etc.)

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    Re: Powerpoint Package for CD and PP Viewer (Power Point 2003)

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    Probably play.bat but you also might want to read

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