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    MS word 2003 - Save as html; Border problem (2003)

    I am new to this group.. and hope that i am asking the right audience ..
    I have a MS word 2003 document that has tables and couple of pictures. I can see the table borders and the pictures in the word file but when i save it as an html document i don't see the right hand side borders and one of the pictures is missing .. i tried changing the border styles and also saving the pictures in .bmp, .jpg etc but it doesn't help. Do you guys any advice?

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    Re: MS word 2003 - Save as html; Border problem (2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    I haven't heard about problems like that. Could you attach a stripped down copy of the Word document? You can remove most or all of the text, as long as there's a table left that demonstrates the problem, and if possible a picture. There is a size limit of 100 KB on attachments; you can zip the document if it is too large.

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