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    Move data in Excel (2007)

    I posted this in the Excel group because it's for Excel, but maybe it's more appropriate here.

    Probably VB which I don't know...

    Spreadsheet has row 1 with headings.
    Column A is names
    Column B, C, etc. contain hours (integers).

    I need a macro (VB, I assume) that will do the following.

    When the total of any given row (cols B through whatever) is greater than or equal to 12,
    move this row to the bottom of the name list and blank out the numbers in the cell from col B on. The name in col A must remain.

    Thanks, in advance.

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    Re: Move data in Excel (2007)

    The original post can be found at <post:=671,016>post 671,016</post:> in the Excel forum, please post any responses there.

    I will lock this thread - to keep all the discussion in one place.


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