When Outlook 2000 has more than one e-mail address for a contact, it always e-mails to the default address even if a different address has been explicitly typed in. E.g., a contact has two e-mail addresses, "jeff@home.com" and "jeff @work.com", which is the default. If I type "jeff@home.com" in the "To" line, it appears that Outlook searches for "jeff@home.com" in the address book, finds the appropriate contact, notices that the default is "jeff@work.com", substitutes this as the destination e-mail address, and then mails to it, without bothering to mention that it's sending to an address different from the one I deliberately typed in. This annoying behavior has resulted in my sending e-mails to a work address that should only have gone to a home address.

If typed-in addresses are checked with Ctrl-K, one can then right-click and reselect the desired address from a drop-down list. Outlook then sends to the selected address, default or not. However, when Outlook is invoked through VB to send an alert e-mail from an unattended system, there's no operator around to manually select the correct desired address.

Any way to make Outlook e-mail to the actual internet e-mail address you've typed, even if it's not the default for a contact?