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    IIF statement in query (2003)

    I have a field called FAContracts. I want to create a calculation using that field according toanother field called Group Market Status. When Group Market Status = 100, I want FAContracts else 0. If Group Market Status = 2, I want Facontracts else 0. This is probably Access 101 but I haven't been working with Access for a while. Here is what I am trying
    FaContracts2: IIf([BlueChoice.Group market Status]=100,[FaContracts],0), IIf([BlueChoice.Group market Status]=2,[FAContracts],0)
    I know my syntax is wrong. I tried putting an OR but it didn't work. I got negative ones etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: IIF statement in query (2003)

    Try this:
    IIf([Group Market Status] In (2, 100), [FaContracts], 0)
    IIf([Group Market Status] = 2 Or [Group Market Status] = 100, [FaContracts], 0)</code>

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