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    linking on field to another in a form (2003)


    I have a form and I want the user to select the contract number. Once the contract number is selected, I want another field that gets populated with the contractor's name. Both are in a query call "QrycontractNameandNumber" How can I do this? Both fields are available on the form.

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    Re: linking on field to another in a form (2003)

    I'll assume that the contract number is the first field in the query and the contractor name the second field.

    Put a combo box on the form with the following properties:
    Column Count: 2
    Column Widths: 0";2"
    Control Source: If the combo box is intended to set the contract number for the current record, set Control Source to the name of the contract number field, otherwise leave it blank.
    Row Source Type: Table/Query
    Row Source: QrycontractNameandNumber
    Name: cboContractNumber.

    Put a text box on the form with the following Control Source:


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