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    Add-ins in Macros (Excel2000)

    Is it possible to run an AddIn in a Macro. In this case it's a MonteCarlo Simulation.
    In the middle of the macro I have to run the MCSim add-in. Seems that I will have to End Sub,Then run the Add In and start a new Macro to continue. Is that the way it works?

    Paul B

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    Re: Add-ins in Macros (Excel2000)

    In the Visual Basic Editor, select Tools | References...
    You should see MCSimAddin, either in the list of checked references, or just below it. If it is not checked, do so now.
    You should now be able to call procedures and functions from the add-in in your own code.
    You can view what is available in the Object Browser (F2). Select MCSimAddin in the list of libraries.

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