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Thread: Max fields

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    Max fields

    What is the maximum number of fields that can be placed on an Access 2000 form. Is this more or less than for 97?
    I have a user that was going back and forth between 97 and 2000, designing a simple (but large) form. The db has now been corrupted, somehow. The form can be opened in its 2000 incarnation, but will not open in 97. The other objects still work.
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    Re: Max fields

    I'm fairly certain that the limit for objects on an Access 2000 form is 720. I believe it's slightly less in Access 97 (652 or something like that). I have a project where I need to have over 1200 objects on a form, but I'm forced to use subforms instead. (It's a LONG story[img]/w3timages/icons/yikes.gif[/img]!)

    As for number of fields, I believe it's the same for Access 97 and 2000.

    One thing that has helped me in the past is to select all objects on a form, copy, and paste into a new form. There's the headache of resetting the form properties and copying the code, but it can sometimes fix things when using so many objects on a form.

    Hope this helps

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