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    Hide the main form (Access 2000)

    In the OnOpen event of my main form i have codes for hiding the toolbars and the window ( DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdWindowHide). However, whenever i open a new form from my main form, the main form goes down in my computer as a minimized form, and from there all the users can again have an access to my database.I do not know why it happens and my question is can i somehow forbid Access to show my main form in a minmized view ?

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    Re: Hide the main form (Access 2000)

    Do you mean that you want to hide the database window?
    If so, select Tools | Startup...
    You can specify whether the database window will be displayed, and also whether the built-in toolbars and menus will be displayed.
    If you also clear the check box "Use Access Special Keys", the user cannot use F11 to display the database window.

    Important: if you hide the database window, you MUST specify a form as startup form!

    If you want to bypass the startup options, so that you can see the database window etc., hold down the Shift key while opening the database.
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