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    New Router Config???

    What is the deal with newer routers today? The last time I bought a router (Belkin G) was about 2 yrs ago. I configed it just the way I wanted it. I was using NetMeeting and mIRC with a file sharing script with NO problem. I need to replace it now because as all routers do eventyally, it started to drop connections. I had bought another Belkin AND a Netgear and taken them both back because no matter how I config the settings (enabled DMZ, disabled the firewall, set up the port forwarding) they will NOT work! Do I need to buy one specific? Spend more money? I just don't get it? I expect my router to do what "I" want it to do, not what the router thinks is best for me. I dont need all the "security". I have my own firewall and internet security. Can someone shed some light on the subject? Any suggestions would be appreciated and I will get what ever router will allow me to config it my way no matter the cost.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: New Router Config???

    Try a D-link; I've had mine for 2+ years, and had no problems with it. Their UI also seems to be less "DO IT MY WAY" than that of netgear and belkin. Linksys routers are more welcoming to third party firmware, a few of which are listed in this article.

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