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    Styles in (Word 2003 SR1)

    Hi all

    I have a situation where I have created a numbering outline and applied styles to the numbering. In addition I have also created a style called indent that has no numbering and is designed to start with an indent of 1.5cm. All of the styles, styles 1-4 (for numbering) and indent are based on Normal style. These styles are also used in 7 templates. In the templates the line spacing is set to be exactly 17pt ie the normal style is set to 17pt line spacing and therefore the styles reflect this. My problem is when the indent style is used in the normal template where the normal style has now line spacing set it is still picking up exactly 17pt line spacing and I cannot see from where. It is driving me mad!!!!!!!!

    can anyone shed any light on why this might be happening.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the excess amount of NORMALS in the previous paragraph

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    Re: Styles in (Word 2003 SR1)

    What exactly do you mean by "when the indent style is used in the normal template"? Have you defined a style named Indent in, or are you copying/pasting text set to the Indent style from a document based on one of the other templates into a document based on

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