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    Clip Gallery (Office 2000)

    I have just started to experience a problem when trying to inset clipart into any MS Office 2000 document, whether it be a word doc, an excel sheet or anything.

    After running through the menu path Insert, Picture, Clipart - the clip gallery flashes onto the screen for about 1 second and disappears.

    The same thing happens if Itry to run CAG.EXE direct.

    I have tried repairing office, re-installing office and completely removing office before re-installing, all without success. Nor can I find anything on the MS KBase.

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    Re: Clip Gallery (Office 2000)

    Sorry if you've already thought of this, but have you checked the start bar to see if it's open but behind the Word window? Sometimes if you accidentally (or otherwise) double click an entry that only needs a single click you can move the focus back to the Word window and leave the clip gallery behind it ...
    Beryl M

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