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    Using Access on Internet with Sharepoint Designer (2003)

    Does Sharepoint Designer 2007 support Access pages, and can it be used on the internet from a home PC? I am a novice at web design, have created only the humblest of sites using free space that came with my email server. I'd like to create a database and give selected users access for data viewing and, in some cases, data entry. Is this possible? Do I need something like Sharepoint Designer or some other software? I have never used Sharepoint Designer, but I have a little experience using Sharepoint in a server environment at work.

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    Re: Using Access on Internet with Sharepoint Designer (2003)

    If you mean data access pages, I wouldn't use those - Microsoft has abandoned them (see What happened to data access pages? - Access - Microsoft Office Online. The See Also section in this article has several links about integrating Outlook and SharePoint.

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