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    Advanced pivot table fields (Excel 2003)

    Looking at a Pivot table field, and choosing the Options/ Advanced options window, I see the AutoShow Top n items. I cannot get this to work for some reason. I have a number of fields organizing the report and a number of data fields. I want the "sum of Cost" data field to show me the top 50 items for the first field (Company) and presumably the row fields to the right of that Company field. Yet when I select this it does not seem to change the table. Reading the Excel help doesn't solve the issue. What are the basic rules for those settings? Do they have to be used on certain fields only, or something like that? TYIA

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    Re: Advanced pivot table fields (Excel 2003)

    You can set the Top n option for any row field or column field. Although you can set it for a page field, it doesn't seem to make any difference, and the option is not available for a data field.

    If you set the Top n option for a row or column field, the pivot table wil display only the entries in this field with the top n highest subtotals, the entries with lower subtotals will be suppressed. In other words, Excel doesn't look at the top n data entries, it only looks at the subtotals for the field you specify.

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