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    expanding word doc (Word 2000)

    Help! I'm editing a Word doc of about 80 pages containing a number of photos. It was 40MG when I opened it, but since I've been working on it (tracking changes and inserting comments) it's grown to 390MG. As you can imagine, this is very worrying. Any idea what can be happening? I've had to reposition some of the photos and format them with text above and below, but surely this can't have had such a dramatic effect. If I select all text and copy it to a new doc the new file is smaller, but I lose my tracked changes. I've tried cutting and pasting sections to new docs to try to locate the problem, but that didn't help much, except that one doc had 2MG in it even after I'd deleted everything. Could there be a problem because I'm working in an older version of Word than my author?

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    Re: expanding word doc (Word 2000)

    Hi jeannie,

    Welcome to the Lounge.

    When you've got 'track changes' running, Word has to keep track of where the pictures were every time you move them, and that can quickly add up to lots of deleted copies of the image being stored in the file.

    Unless you really need to keep track of where the images used to be, I'd suggest running the accept/reject changes process and accepting all the changes associated with moving the images. ALternatively, switch the change-tracking off, set your PC up to show the deletions, then physically delete the images marked as deleted.

    For the future, I'd recommed that you consider switching off 'track changes' for image relocation. Alternatively, each time you open the document for editing, accept all the existing changes, the use File|Save As to save the file under a new name, then switch 'track changes' on for the rest of that session - that way you'll still have the older versions until you decide you don't need them anymore, without the file bloat you're getting now.

    Oh, and make sure 'Allow fast Saves' is switched off.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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