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    Writing to a Database

    I have a Dreamweaver, SQL, Access, ASP project which is above my capabilities. I am trying to access a database which lives on a SQL Server. That part of this I have figured out and it is working just fine on my ASP page, which I generated within Dreamweaver. The SQL statement filters out the unwanted columns and displays the grid. (I am attaching a Word doc with the code in it)

    So, the next thing I need to be able to do is take the three values (Status A, B, or C; Date; and Comment Box) and write them to that same database so that the next time my page is accessed, the updated information is displayed. I thought that a button that can be clicked for "Saving my Changes" could then have some sort of executable behind it that would then write the values.

    Also, and secondarily, I need to authenticate my user so that the person accessing this page doesn't accidentally change someone else's record. We are currently using Anonymous.

    My ODBC connection works fine, and the records are displayed. Any help with how I would go from here would be most appreciated.

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    Re: Writing to a Database

    Question reposted in <post:=675,250>post 675,250</post:> (please don't post the same question twice, thank you)

    Please post replies in the other thread, this one is locked to avoid duplication and confusion.

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