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    Future of VBA (Word 2007)

    Is VBA going to stay around? For how many years, do you think?

    Because my office still uses Word 2000, I'm completely ignorant about the latest version of MS Office. I've been writing macros for Word and starting to learn how to read and write VBA code, but I don't know if I'm learning a dead language. Maybe the latest version of Word doesn't use the same code.

    Should I continue to learn VBA, or is it due to be superseded, and what should I be learning instead?

    I started to worry about the future of VBA when I checked the colleges in my area for a Visual Basic class, and there weren't any.


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    Re: Future of VBA (Word 2007)

    You are not the first person to worry about this. Future of VBA (Office 2007) (Dec. 17, 2006). <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15> But your concern is understandable.

    Microsoft would like to migrate Visual Basic (including Visual Basic for Applications) programmers to Visual Basic .Net and related languages and tools. However, the jump in complexity currently is too great to make that realistic. It's difficult to predict what might happen in Office 2009+. But for the foreseeable future, considering that many people feel no rush to upgrade, VBA will be an important tool for Office users.

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