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    This post may not be on topic for this forum but I don't know where else to post it since there is no topic related to security issues in the Lounge.

    Code Red was a wake-up call that should remind us that whenever Microsoft announces a security patch, they are also announcing a security vulnerability. Code Red hit less than a week after Microsoft announced the patch / vulnerability. This proves that there are evil people out there waiting to pounce on any announced vulnerability, and that they operate on a faster schedule than most IT departments, not to mention consumers.

    If we are going to stay ahead of the evil ones, we need to be aware of patch / vulnerability announcements as soon as they are released. Microsoft has a service available on their web site that supposedly sends email notification to subscribers of any security announcements. Has anyone here used this free service? If so, how fast do the notifications get sent after the announcement is made?

    The URL for the Microsoft web page regarding the email notification service is:

    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

    I would appreciate any comments from loungers who have used this service or know of any other similar services.

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    Re: Security

    Yes I have subscribed to the Microsoft Notification service. It works well and is quite timely. Only problem is that it sends you all the notifications on security associated with the type of Windows you have. So I get notifications for Windows 2000 servers as well as for Pro (which I have).


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