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    drilling down the query (Access 2000)

    I have a problem with the drilling doen the query. First I have 10 options and on clicking one of the options the form should show al the sales per quarter, based on the query QuarterSales for that option. In my example I show option 1. On clicking the option list I get the error that the expression is not valid
    After that I wish to show those customers who have a decreased quantity compared with the previous quarter. To this end I have made 2 queries ( for the first option only) : qryQuarterSalesSo an qry QuarterSalesDownSo
    I will make the remaining 9 options afterwards.How can I restict the Again nothing happens when I click.How can i coordinate the options and the queries ?
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    Re: drilling down the query (Access 2000)

    You must declare parameters explicitly in crosstab queries.

    Open the first crosstab query in design view.
    Select Query | Parameters...
    Enter [Forms]![frmQuarterSales]![Office] in the first column and select Long Integer in the second column.
    Click OK.
    Save and close the query.

    Do the same for the other crosstab query.

    The comparison query doesn't work in your sample database since you have data only for the 4th quarter, so there is nothing to compare.

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